A Message to the Reader

Please accept this invitation to explore my life’s journey through poems and prose that with help I have written. Over the years the words, themes and subject matter have come to me via clairaudience and clairvoyance, ultimately, I am certain they were gifts from the eternal, constantly accessible, responsible for all creation, therefore, Creator, sustainer, ultimate healer, teacher, Mother Father God. I have been taught and truly believe everything is of God wherever and whenever. I wonder with the limits and confines of our minds whether we can truly understand and
experience what that means. The thought is so expansive and multidimensional I wonder the extent to which we can integrate these ideas in our day-to-day existence.

I do believe however that one of God’s greatest gifts is that of love-a love that is provided without conditions. And so, please review and enjoy
these samplings of things I have written which may be of use to you as you live your life. However, ultimately I must offer my humble thanks to God for his/his great mercy and gifts I received continually evolving and experiencing great blessings.
Thank you