Trance Healing Information


Trance Healing is a spiritual experience of healing and should not be seen as a substitute for effective medical care. In all circumstances consult with your personal physician and/or other medical professional for advice, consultation and treatment.

Trance Healing is a form of mediumship and healing where the medium enters into an altered state of awareness. The purpose is to offer healing to the individual sitter. This altered state of awareness is similar to a meditative state. During the healing session the medium works with special guides and spirit physicians who are invisible to the sitter. During the healing the spirit guides and physicians work through the trance healer providing care, intervention and information to the sitter.

Important Considerations:

• Cell phones and other distractions should not be utilized during the trance healing. A quiet environment is essential.

• It is suggested that the sitter relax and utilize positive thoughts and attention that will provide important assistance in the healing. There is nothing to fear. You are safe and secure.

• Sit up and erect and breathe at your normal rate. Have water available in the event you need it.

• In my trance healings I open with prayer. Please feel free to join me if you wish.

• Please follow my instructions that are designed for you to receive the maximum positive experience.

• Be non judgmental and open minded. There is nothing to fear.

• Have paper and pen available to record the information spoken by the trance healer and also the feelings you experience during the trance healing.

• Each person is an individual and has a specific experience. You may notice some slight sleepiness. Some people notice positive changes after the trance healing and this too is a normal” part of the experience for some people.

• We will need to sit in quiet while the spirit physicians and guides do their work.

• The session will last from 30-90 minutes.

• There will be time to debrief, ask questions, however for now

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Screen Shot 2021-05-01 at 17.11.27 1 session $200, 2 sessions $400, 3 sessions $600

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Trance Healing Consultation in person only.
Duration 45 mins.