Development and Training
Development Group Proposal
A Path to Develop Ones’ Mediumship
Group Leader: Lorna J. Hines


It had been well documented on a number of fronts the importance of the development circle which contributes to the development and enhancement of the skills and abilities of the burgeoning medium. The term “development group” is being utilized to capture an expansive understanding of the process that is being proposed. The traditional view of a development circle is for the members to sit in silence to maximize and encourage a connection with Spirit and appropriate spirit persons whose focus is to positively impact the mind, body and spirit of the student medium. While this proposal suggests sitting in silence it is also suggested that the group embark on the following: meditation and visualization, mediumship and psychic readings, and healing interventions. It is also important for the student medium to have an understanding of the historical and cultural aspects of mediumship as well as other fundamental and important concepts such as self-care, initiating and creating referrals networks when indicated and signs and symptoms of mental illness, addictions, and the need for medical attention etc.

Group Leader

The leader of the development group has an extensive background in mental health, substance abuse, counseling, psychotherapy, and workforce development spanning over forty years. This background includes roles and responsibilities as an Administrator, University Professor, Program Developer, Grant Writing, Clinician and Coach in hospitals, non-profits and governmental settings. However, throughout this career there was always a strong intuitive sense, often hearing and seeing things and always wanting to heal others.

The groups’ leader background in intuitive and mediumistic studies began with a focus on numerology and astrology under the direction of Jerome Carter, now deceased. This led to sitting in a weekly development group with the renowned medium and shaman Kerrie O’Connor for more than five years. In July 2010, a spiritual connection was formed with the world famous James Van Praagh who immediately recognized the many spiritual gifts and abilities. Coining the nickname “Onion Lady” James marveled that as he discovered one set of abilities quite another existed. It was like peeling an onion. Following this, James placement as one of his “practioners” led to many opportunities including the development of a mediumistic practice. Besides James’s instruction, workshop participation has been extensive with the following world renowned mediums: Mavis Pittilla, Colin, Bates, Janet Nohavoc, Steven Upton, Tony Stockwell, Paul Jacobs, and Brian Roberts and Simon James two-year program School of the Soul. Presently, seeking certification as a speaker and demonstrator by the Spiritualist National Union International and has been selected by Mavis Pittilla for online mentorship program.

Proposed Participation and Format

It is proposed that possible participants seriously consider their commitment to the subject matter, as the practice of mediumship is a vocation, requiring practice and development. Work in this field should not be taken lightly!

To that end, it is expected that once a commitment is made, every effort will be made to attend sessions on time and with focus and dedication. At the outset, I suggest we commit to six session of two hours duration via telephone conference calling. Perhaps every other Tuesday evening from 6pm-8pm or 7pm-9pm. Group format will be as follows: opening prayer, meditation, sitting in power, discussion, medium and psychic reading, closing prayer.

As the groups’ leader I will be responsible for all technical needs for communication, leading meditations, discussions, curriculum needs, and other matters. I will require a personal reading and interview with each possible participant prior to participation. The participant will be responsible for my normal fee. Each group session will be provided at the cost of forty dollars per session. I will require payment for six sessions at the beginning of our first session.

The main issue is consistency. As I have mentioned, the development of mediumistic abilities requires diligence, commitment and “exercising” ones’ body, mind and spirit. Both Spirit and spirit persons require a consistent time to work on us. We only have to show up and invite them in.