Lorna J Hines M.S.

Renowned Medium, Trance Healer, Intuitive Counselor & Teacher

Lorna J Hines is a Medium and Intuitive Counselor who has over 41 years of behavioral health industry experience as well as a masters degree. She has gone on to obtain extensive training in mediumship, healing and developing the intuition.

Lorna uses this experience and training to supplement her strong intuitive and extrasensory abilities when providing guidance.

In November 2018, Lorna was credentialed by the Spiritualists National Union in Speaking and Demonstrating.

As well as intuitive counseling and healing, Lorna is a spiritual medium and has demonstrated her abilities at the Omega Institute under the tutelage of James van Praagh.

A wonderfully passionate, caring and ebullient manner, which never fails to raise and heal the spirits of all who have contact with her. Lorna's ambition is for you to gain insight, understanding and harmony within your life, and enable you to discern your own divine path.

This is complementary advice and should not be used to replace medical and psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.

A percentage of proceeds benefit the Nazareth Home for Children, Ghana West Africa

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Excerpt from Lorna's own Poetry "Holy Glory Dancing Singing Beyond Death"
The veil between life and death is
Much thinner than you think
Why else would it be so easy
For a Black girl like me to speak

Death is surely not the end
And perhaps we have been sold
A bunch of garbage
Thinking sadly of what was
And what will not be
Oh Lord What have we been told?
Excerpt from Lorna's own Poetry "Death Surrounds Me"
So what does a sister of color do
When she is confronted
By situations, people, places and things
Where she is not sure and ungrounded
And her feet they are stuck in glue?

Breathing, meditation and an occasional walk
Often help to clear
A mind eye, general malaise
And even an upset stomach
Who continues to balk

I have no surefooted answers
To this particular conundrum
Which have confronted the like
Or erudite and famous masters (both she and he)
My goodness if only I could run faster!