Lorna J. Hines discussing liberating your soul's expression through spiritual empowerment.

Lorna J. Hines discussing trance, preparations and grounding. Lorna discusses some of her beliefs and understandings around the world we find ourselves in now.

Lorna J. Hines is a multi talented and gifted Medium, Healer, Intuitive Counselor, Inspirational Speaker and Teacher who was initially guided into the Behavioral Health Industry to provide compassionate care to those with unseen hurts and pain. After more than 40 years as a Psychotherapist, Administrator, Professor and CEO, she was guided by Spirit and her guides to expand her natural abilities in mediumship, healing, and inspirational speaking. She sought instruction and guidance from world-renowned mediums and grew extensively under the tutelage of the gifted James Van Praagh. In recognition of her abilities, James selected her as one his Practitioners listed on his website. She has also grown under the mentorship of Mavis Patilla, Rev. Janet Nohovec, Simon James and Brian Robertson’s “School of the Soul “. She is currently a student with the Spiritualist National Union PAS Program, and has completed online mentorship in mediumship and teaching with Tony Stockwell.

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Lorna discusses and preforms a trance healing.

Lorna discusses walking a spiritual existence and what this means.

Lorna is a co-host on Wake Up To Spirit podcast.

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Lorna is a Certified Medium & Intuitive Counselor and teacher. Listen to Lorna talk about "trance healing" in this interview.

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