Learned mediums have studied and designed ways in which we can evolve towards a spiritual path. The seasoned and well versed mediums among us have articulated a very clear understanding of what is needed to both heighten and expand our development. While we are human beings on a spiritual path, we definitely can succumb to the challenges faced by all. Do we have sufficient internal and external resources to design and implement a spiritual path and also handle the challenges of human existence?

There are many paths towards healing and tranquility. Mental health counseling is one such resource. Lorna is both a mental health professional, as well as an intuitive, healer, medium and will discuss rich resources available to people in the light to both enhance their human existence and spiritual gifts via the use of mental health counseling. She is indeed a 'Bridger' in both worlds.

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Demonstration of Mediumship: Able and available to provide large group demonstrations in auditoriums, theaters, and large group settings. Willing to travel to a large variety of destinations.  Price structure to be determined

Gallery and Private Group Readings: Able to conduct readings in smaller group setting or in people's homes with groups of eight or more people.  Price structure will be developed based on location and number of people.

As we approach the holiday season gift certificates also available to show your loved ones you care.
Lorna J Hines is available offer support and guidance as a Medium and Intuitive Counselor. She is located in New Jersey, so complications with coordinating suitable times, please provide 3 date and time options. Lorna will respond with times then that are mutually convenient.

This is an important part of the process - please try and oblige. The counselling sessions can be face to face, via Skype or the telephone.

Please contact Lorna via email to suggest 3 suitable times when you are available. A confirmation email will provide the confirmed booking.

Investment Pricing Structure:
(Please contact me to arrange a Consultation)

Types that can be arranged:

One-on-One Reading | Healing and Trance | Psychic Reading

* Skype and Zoom 45mins
* In Person 45mins
* Telephone 45mins (you call Lorna)

Screen Shot 2021-05-01 at 17.11.27 1 session $200, 2 sessions $400, 3 sessions $600

Use Zelle to make a swift payment to Lorna using her email address:

Otherwise PayPal is also accepted.